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Black Park

Black Park Lake is a beautiful lake in the heart of South Buckinghamshire with fantastic fishing opportunities and iconic scenery.

Fishing is by Annual Permit or Day Ticket only, during car park opening hours only. Fishing permits for Black Park are only available to purchase online via Eventbrite

Please see and map of fishing areas below:

Black Park Fishing Rules

The annual coarse fish closed season applies 15th March to 15th June inclusive.

You must purchase a day ticket or be in possession of an annual pass to fish.

You must be in possession of a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence, maximum number of rods 3.

Fishing is only permitted during car park opening hours (from 8am to seasonal closing times – check Buckinghamshire Country Parks website). No night fishing permitted.

Any angler found in breach of Country Parks or Environment Agency rules will be immediately removed from site and reported to the Environment Agency.

Local Thames Region Environment Agency byelaws apply.

No fish to removed from or released into the lake.

All fish must be returned to the water immediately, no keep nets or sacks permitted.

No fishing in fenced off nature reserve areas (see map for full details of where you can and cannot fish).

Barbless hooks only.

Please remove all line and rubbish.

Please use sensible quantities of bait, with no pre-baiting permitted.

Bait boats should not be used.

Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Anglers must move if asked by a representative of the Buckinghamshire Country Parks or a film production.

Anglers and associated kit must be located on the lake side of the path (that surrounds the lake).

Any broken line or lost rigs must be immediately retrieved. If it is unsafe to retrieve, they must be reported to the Duty Ranger on 07734 734337.


Additional Pike fishing rules

Pike fishing season is between October 1st to March 14th.

You must be in possession of long forceps and be competent at handling and unhooking pike.

A large 36 inch plus net and a large well-padded unhooking mat is required.

Strong line to be used (12lb plus)

Two treble hooks per trace with semi-barbed hooks permitted.

No live baiting.


Additional Carp fishing rules

A large 36 inch plus net and a large well-padded unhooking mat is required.

Strong line to be used (12lb plus)

No fixed leads or unsafe rigs to be used i.e. in case of breakage; all rig components must be able to easily slide over any knots used to join leaders to mainline.


Annual fishing permits

Adult   £65

Child  £11

Concession £49


Day Fishing permits

Adult   £7

Child (Under 12)  £1

Concession £5

Concession rates are available to those aged 65+, between 12 and 16 and blue badge holders. Child tickets are available for those under 12. All prices are subject to additional booking fee.

Located 100m from the car park, the lake has easy access with several benches and a pathway around it; an accessible fishing bay is located near the Nature Reserve. Annual Fishing Permit holders also benefit from access to a permit holder only fishing area.

Annual Permits are valid from June 16th until March 14th annually as we apply a close season. They are available to purchase via Eventbrite only. 

Day Tickets are also available to purchase on Eventbrite only.

The most prolific types of fish are Rudd, Roach, Bream and Tench. Rudd and Roach can be caught on simple float fishing tactics with maggots, caster or bread baits. Bream and Tench can be caught fishing on the bottom with either floats at close range or feeder/leger a bit further out. Pike and Carp are present at a low stock level and are tricky to catch requiring a dedicated specialist approach.


Langley Park

Public fishing is not permitted on Langley Park Lake.


Denham Country Park

Denham Country Park is only a stone’s throw away from the busy M40, yet a tranquil fishing spot can be found on the River Colne, where Dace, Roach, Chub and Barbel can be found.

Uxbridge Rovers Angling and Conservation Society lease the section of the River Colne that flows through Denham Country Park.

Fishing is by Season Ticket only, available from Uxbridge Rovers Angling and Conservation Society. No day tickets are available. Please see their website for further details.



Thorney Country Park

The British Carp Study Group lease the lake at Thorney Park, fishing is only available to their members. Please see their website for further details.