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Walks and Trails

With over 700 acres across our three sites there are plenty of landscapes to explore year round in the Country Parks. 

Getting outdoors has great benefits for both mental and physical health so why not walk, jog or run one of the routes listed below or hire a bike from on site partners Go Ape and cycle your way around Black Park.

If you are looking for a shorter route, did you know that the stroll around Black Park Lake is 0.9 miles, an amble down Verney's Walk and back in Langley Park is 0.7 miles.  A jog across Misbourne meadow to the canal towpath and back in Denham will rack up 0.8 miles.

5km Route - Black Park

Come and run, jog or walk 5km at anytime on this permanently marked route or join in the Saturday morning Parkrun at 9am.


Follow the orange waymark discs and take steps towards a healthier lifestyle in this beautiful park setting


Habitat Trail - Black Park

Trail Length: 4km or 2.7 miles


Explore the diverse habitats of Black Park, learn about the wild animals & plant life in the Park – from bats to butterflies and reptiles to Roe Deer.


Find out why & how we manage the Heathland, Woodlands and Rides.


Do you know what a SSSI is and whereabouts they are in the Park? Who constructed the lake, why and when?


What’s the connection between Pine trees, Crossbills and Cauliflower Fungus?



Orienteering Trail - Black Park

Trail length: 3 recommended routes

1.5km, 2.2km or 4.5km - 1 mile, 1.5 miles or 3 miles


Orienteering is a great way to explore lesser known areas of the park and you can compete as a group or against the clock on your own.


Use the map to navigate from point to point, recording the letters you find on each post.  Follow one of the recommended courses or make up your own route.


A compass is not essential but will aid you in orientating the map so bring it along if you have one. Download the instructions and map and print a copy to bring with you. 


Instructions & Map

Distanced Marked Trails - Langley Park

Trail length: 1km or 2km


1km - A circular, easy access route through the maze of rhododendrons in the Temple Gardens. Follow the blue arrows from the Tea Room.


2km - A circular route through the Temple Gardens, down the vista, passing Destination Deadwood and up Verney's Walk (suitable for families and young children). Follow the purple arrows from the Tea Room

Timberland Tree Trail - Langley Park

Trail length: 2km or 1.35 miles


Did you know we have our very own dragon in Langley Park?  Follow the trail through Langley Park’s beautiful parkland & woodland to find the dragon tree & discover more about the fantastic variety of trees here.


Bring along a wax crayon & take a rubbing of the raised image on each tree plaque, which also has more information about the tree.


Do you know on average what proportion of its life an oak tree spends growing, resting & dying? Find out this & many more interesting facts about Langley Park’s trees.



Trail Leaflet & Map

History Trail - Langley Park

Trail length: 4.5km or 3 miles


Take a stroll through 800 years of history in Langley Park – from a Royal Hunting Ground, to extravagant Pleasure Gardens.


This trail will take you through the amazing ancient woodland of King’s Wood, along the Capability Brown serpentine lake and out into the wider Langley Estate.


Discover which King dowered the Langley Estate to not 1 but 2 of his wives; who was the first appointed Ranger and explore the nationally recognised rhododendron collection & Victorian Pinetum.



Trail Leaflet & Map