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Do you want to gain experience in countryside management, share skills, help protect habitats and biodiversity, meet new friends or just keep busy? Volunteering with the Country Parks Team could be for you!

If you have further questions, why not contact us today and see how you can become involved? 


Practical Conservation Sessions

We run regular practical sessions each week in the Country Parks and are often looking for people to help with events such as trails, open air theatre and cinema during the summer season.  Practical tasks are dependent on season and weather and will be a case of mucking in to achieve what needs to be done – don’t worry, we provide all the tools and instruction you need. You’ll just need to be enthusiastic and wear appropriate clothing for the weather.

You'll need to book your place to attend our sessions. 



Do you care about your park and the wildlife living within it? Want to help keep our park litter free? Adopt a patch today!

We have split up Black Park, Langley Country Park and Denham Country Park into patches and are looking for people to help keep them clear from litter. We will provide you with all the equipment needed and even a little thank you gift! For more information and to apply email